Sandusky timeline

Fri., Feb. 9, 2001 – Mike McQueary sees Sandusky in the shower doing something sexual with a boy. He meets with his father and Jonathan Dranov. (source: Sandusky trial testimony).

Sat., Feb. 10 – Mike McQueary tells Joe Paterno that he saw.

Sun., Feb. 11 – Joe Paterno tells Tim Curley and and Gary Schultz about the report of something sexual.

Mon., Feb. 12 – Spanier meets with Curley and Schultz, who gave him a “heads up” about the allegation, according to Spanier. They said McQueary “was not sure what he saw because it was around a corner and indirect,” Spanier told Freeh’s team.

Feb. ?? – John McQueary meets with Schultz and Dranov in McQueary’s office at 1850 East Park Ave. Schultz alluded to rumors about Sandusky before, and that Penn State had investigated, but never substantiated anything. (source: John McQueary’s testimony. John McQueary wasn’t able to remember when this meeting occurred, or if Schultz has spoken to Mike McQueary But it seemed like this happened sometime before administrators spoke to Mike McQueary).

Mon., Feb. 19, 20 – Curley calls McQueary, tells him that Joe told him about the incident. (source: in preliminary hearing testimony, McQueary says it was 9 or 10 days after he told Paterno).

Mon. Feb. 19, 20, or 21 – McQueary meets with Curley and Schultz, either the same day that they called him or the next day. (Curley, in testimony, said the meeting took place within a week or two after being told by Paterno).

Sunday, Feb. 25 – A meeting takes place between Curley, Schultz and Spanier, although Spanier insisted that Schultz was not present.

Mon., Feb. 26 – Email from Schultz to Curley about a three-part plan: contact Sandusky, contact Second Mile, and contact Dept of Welfare.

Mon., Feb. 26 – Curley discusses the allegations with Joe Paterno.

Tuesday, Feb. 27 – Curley e-mails Spanier with a CC to Schultz – “After giving it more thought and talking it over with Joe yesterday, I am uncomfortable with what we agreed were the next steps. I am having trouble with going to everyone, but the person involved. I would be more confortable with the person … tell him about the information we received … tell him we are aware of the first situation.” He plans to tell him this: he has a problem, wants to offer professional help, and they’ll tell the Second Mile in the near future, and maybe even the dept. of welfare.

Tuesday, Feb. 27 – Spanier replies: “I am supportive. The only downside for us is if the message isn’t heard and acted upon, and then we become vulnerable for not having reported it. But that can be assessed down the road.”

Wed, Feb. 28 – Schultz responds – “This is a more humane and upfront way to handle this. We will inform his organization wth or without his cooperation. We can play by ear to decide about the other organization.”

Web, Feb. 28 – Curley emails Schultz and Spanier and tells them he’ll meet with Sandusky on Monday, March 5.

Mon, March 5 – Curley meets with Sandusky. “He was concerned about it,” Sandusky recalled in a New York Times intweview. “He was coming to me with a concern because … somebody had talked to him about inappropriate behavior in the shower. I told him it didn’t happen, there wasn’t inappropriate behavior, and I said if you want, you could speak to the young person that was involved.”

March 19 – Curley meets with Jack Raykovitz, executive director of The Second Mile, and told him what they knew about the incident. (source: Curley’s testimony). Raykovitz’s attorney told Freeh’s team that Curley concluded that nothing inappropriate occurred. Raykovitz later told two Second Mile trustees of the meeting, who concluded that it was a non-incident for their organization. Raykovitz also talked to Sandusky, who admitted that he was showering with boys but nothing more.

Feb. 23 – 27 –  Curley calls McQueary, says they reported the incident to the Second Mile. (source: Mike McQueary’s preliminary hearing testimony, in which he said he was notified four or five days after meeting with Curley and Schultz).