Bagwell v. Department of Education

The Commonwealth Court remanded this case to the Office of Open Records for further consideration on July 19, 2013. It paved the way for other information requests to proceed.

Initial Request for information to the Department of Education – 6/28/12

Letter of Appeal to the Office of Open Records – 8/6/2012

OOR Final Determination in Bagwell v. Department of Education – 9/13/2012

Petition for Review in Commonwealth Court – 10/11/2012

Petitioner’s brief – 1/30/13

Department of Education’s brief – 3/28/13

Oral arguments – Commonwealth Court, Harrisburg, Pa. – held 6/19/13. Click to watch online (starts at 84:37)

Order that the secretary of education’s Penn State records are public, and remand to OOR for further consideration – 7/19/13