Go vote with pride

Published April 10, 2012

It’s been a long campaign, but election season has finally arrived. The support I’ve received so far has been humbling, and I’m grateful to you for believing in my plans for Penn State.

But I need your help one last time to begin the road to restoring trust in our alma mater. And only candidates who have real plans to bring leadership, integrity and transparency to Penn State can do that. Mine include:

 1. Making all trustees file annual financial disclosure statements that would reveal their outside influences.

2. Preventing trustees from being rewarded with lucrative administrative jobs, like David Joyner’s $33,000 monthly athletic director role.

3. Adopting Pennsylvania’s Right to Know law as a Board of Trustees policy, opening nearly all university records to the public.

4. Allow citizens to speak at public meetings.

5. Eliminating board bylaws that prevent trustees from engaging in rigorous, public debate.

6. Allowing all trustees serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.

7. Replacing the appointed “Business and Industry Trustees” with a group elected by the alumni.

8. Bolstering Penn State’s endowment to ensure a sustainable revenue stream.

9. Honoring Joe Paterno in a meaningful way.

 Go vote, and be proud that you’ve taken part in ushering in a new era for Penn State.