Go vote!

Published January 15, 2012

The past few months have seemed like an eternity. With a new president and a new slate of football coaches, the Penn State family is finally beginning the healing process. Joe Paterno finally spoke out in today’s Washington Post, putting to rest some of our remaining questions. But we have yet to hear anything substantive from those who bear the most responsibility for the inept handling of the crisis – the leaders of the Board of Trustees.

Tomorrow you’ll have the opportunity to tell Penn State’s leaders that restoring our alma mater’s reputation will take new ideas and new perspectives. And that begins with nominating new trustees who are committed to bringing the leadership, integrity and transparency this board so desperately needs.

I’m committed to those values, and have proposed a road map to ensuring they’re shared at the university’s highest levels. But plans and proposals will only take us so far. Without nominating those who are committed to taking action, the status quo will almost certainly endure.

When you receive your ballot via e-mail tomorrow, please nominate me. But don’t stop there. E-mail your other alumni and ask them to do the same. Send a tweet about my plan. Like my Facebook page, or share my plan with your Facebook friends.

With your help, I pledge to never stop fighting for those values, and promise to be your voice on the board.

If you’re not registered to vote or don’t receive a nomination ballot tomorrow, use this handy form to be sure you’re on the list: http://www.psutrustees.org