Location of ballot position drawing has been changed

Published February 27, 2012

This afternoon, I got word that the location of Wednesday’s ballot position drawing has been changed. Apparently there’s a lot of interest in this year’s alumni trustee election. It looks like we’ll know who’s officially running sooner than we thought.


TO:         All Candidates for the Election as a Trustee by the Alumni

Thank you for your continuing interest in Penn State and in the election of trustees by the alumni.  As you may know, there has been heightened interest in the election process this year.

As such, the drawing to determine the order of the election ballot position will take place on Wednesday, February 29, at 1:30 pm, and will be held at the following location:

Senate Suites

The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel

215 Innovation Boulevard

State College, Pa  16803

(814) 863-5000

A map is attached that provides directional and parking information.

For those of you who have invited representatives to draw on your behalf, please communicate this change in venue to them.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

For your additional information, please be advised that as soon as practicable following the ballot position drawing, we will communicate with all candidates to advise of the order of the ballot including the names of all candidates, year of graduation from Penn State, and the city and state of residence for each.  This information will also be publicly announced at that time.