“Thank you for caring”

Published February 14, 2014

A significant number of contributors to the Penn State Sunshine Fund donate by check, and occasionally they enclose a letter with their contribution. I wanted to share this heartfelt letter that arrived in the mail yesterday:



Dear Mr. Bagwell,

Thank you for caring. Thank you for your personal sacrifice. Thank you for your heart. I will be voting for you even though I suspect that was NOT your goal when you started this selfless chore.

The consistent mistake bullies, corrupt BOT and similar low-life entities make is they only see the one person standing in their way of greed or whatever [crappy] motivation they have. They NEVER see the thousands of people standing behind that person. Please accept this very small toke of appreciation and respect. ROCK ON – WE ARE PENN STATE.



I’m exceptionally proud to have so many people standing behind the Sunshine Fund. Letters like this one are among the reasons that I’m continuing to fight for facts. Thank you all for the support, and keep the donations coming!