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Published May 12, 2014
White Out

As it turns out, sometimes the third time isn’t the charm.

For the second straight year, Penn State alumni elected all three PS4RS-endorsed candidates.

My eighth-place finish was respectable. The only candidates who garnered more than my 3,420 votes were supported by influential endorsements, backed by established advocacy groups or helped by their incumbency. I, on the other hand, decided to run on my record of accomplishments alone.

But accomplishments didn’t trump endorsements. I chose not apply for the coveted PS4RS endorsement. The Paternos decided to back two other candidates. And late in the game, Franco Harris decided to back the PS4RS slate, which was perhaps the most disappointing event of the entire election.

This was my third bid for a board seat, and the loss stung more than the others combined. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who would say that I didn’t deserve the win. But like most elections, politics was the deciding factor. And that’s ok.

Though many have asked me to run for a fourth time, I just can’t stomach even the thought of going through the entire election process again. But I am committed to finishing what the Sunshine Fund has started. We still have much to learn about Freeh’s relationship with the Attorney General. We’re fighting for the release of records that Penn State claims are privileged. And we are continuing to hold the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office accountable for failing to comply with the demands of the Right-to-Know Law.

Congratulations to Alice Pope, Al Lord and Robert Jubelirer, whose election marked the ousting of every alumni-elected trustee who served on the board in 2011. They have my full support, and I wish them much luck.

And to those who supported my campaigns, I will always be grateful. Thank you for standing by me, and please keep in touch.


  • R Thomas Berner

    Thank you for trying and for your continuing efforts.

  • randsco

    Ditto Ryan. You will always have my support and gratitude. 😉