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  • Ray Blehar

    Thanks for doing what you do.  We agree on many things, but one of the things we don’t agree on is supporting RAINN.  I have written RAINN on three different occasions and informed them of the fact that the Freeh Report shielded DPW and CYS from any responsibility for letting Sandusky roam free for 14 years.  I have been met with silence.  I finally got their attention by informing them that supporting the Freeh Report means that they are not the least bit interested in protecting children from harm.  Over 400 children have been murdered in Pennsylvania since 2003 and many of these children have been sent back into abusive environments by DPW and CYS officials.  Until RAINN owns up to protecting PA’s children, they should not see one dime from anyone in Pennsylvania.

  • Ray Blehar
    • Katrina

      WOW how out of touch this person is and hasn’t clue what is really going on here. The ONLY thing that Sandusky did was shower with a kid. Back when I was in school so did our coaches but our minds didn’t go to bad things like people are today. Outside of that it the over use of ones mind with lies and greed that did Sandusky wrong and not from him but from the drug ridden people that he was helping keep their kids out of trouble and off the streets. So they get paid for thier lies because Corbett wants his little game and BOT to keep covered up. The Freeh report is nothing but BS that was bought and paid for. Now I bet you Corbett is paying off the judges not to even look at the appeal that Sandusky is doing now. The thugs at BOT and your great PA government don’t want to be known just how much they have pocketed from the people … well open the doors people time for in your face truth… I deal with intelligent people that knows the real truth only

  • Charles Hirsch


    thanks for what you do…have you seen my daughter’s story yet? She has spent the past 2 years raising moeny and awareness for victims of abuse with her @bands4RAINN campaign ( and is now creating a Sexual Violence Awareness Week at her high school (she is a 14 year old Freshman).

    Check it out at and feel free to help her gain sponsorship moeny to run the SVAW at

    As for Ray’s mention of RAINN below, if he was truly trying to get a response from RAINN, it wouldnt be hard. I speak to them every week and they have been unbelieveably supportive of both my daughter and Penn State in general.

    I promise you that they do more to help than many of the groups that the BOT has decided to support.

    Charles Hirsch
    Class of ’96

  • k1ng87

    Any update on the records request…do you think you’ll actually get them or you’ll end up suing them in court to get them?