Statement on today’s Board of Trustees meeting

Published January 20, 2012

Ryan Bagwell, a candidate for Penn State’s Board of Trustees,  released the following statement in response to today’s board meeting.

“Today I was disappointed at the election of another Wall Street insider to lead Penn State’s Board of Trustees. Though she was touted by her peers as being devoted to reform, Wall Street executives aren’t known for their commitment to leadership, transparency and integrity. I am skeptical that Ms. Peetz has the commitment to ethics reform and openness that the university family demands.”

“In addition, I was perplexed by the board’s decision to withhold its full agenda from the public. Even though its rules clearly state the document should be released, someone who answered the telephone at the board’s office told me it would be released after the meeting. The board’s standing order no. 12 says ‘the agenda and supporting material for the meetings of the Board of Trustees … shall be available to the public at the time of the meetings.'”

“It’s unfortunate that the board isn’t interested in following its own rules that provide public access to information.”


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Ryan Bagwell