Appeals of Public Interest


Bagwell v. Dept. of Education

This request sought records sent to former Secretary of Education Ron Tomalis from Ken Frazier, Louis Freeh and Omar McNeil.

Initial request – 7/19/2013

Dept. of Education Final Response – 9/9/2013

Appeal to OOR – 9/17/2013

OOR order for in camera review – 9/23/2013

PDE arguments – 9/30/2013

Bagwell arguments – 9/30/2013

PSU request to participate – 9/30/2013

PSU participation granted – 10/1/2013

PSU Arguments – 10/11/2013


Bagwell v. Office of the Governor

This is an appeal of a request for records sent to Governor Corbett and Jennifer Branstetter. Both are members of Penn State’s Board of Trustees.

Initial Request – 7/10/2013

Governor’s Office Interim Response – 7/17/2013

Appeal of Deemed Denial to OOR – 08/27/2013

Governor’s Office Final Response –  08/28/2013

Bagwell Supplemental Arguments – 9/30/2013 

PSU Request to Participate – 10/3/2013

PSU Arguments – 10/7/2013

OOR order for in camera review – 10/10/2013

Order allowing extension of time to produce withheld records – 10/16/2013


Bagwell vs. Philadelphia District Attorney

This appeal involves a request for records sent to Frank Fina, a prosecutor with the District Attorney’s office. The OOR’s decision is due by November 4, 2013.

Initial request – 7/16/2013

DA’s response – 8/23/2013

Appeal to OOR – 09/01/2013

DA’s arguments – 09/12/2013

Bagwell reply to DA – 9/12/2013

DA’s “even though it’s after the deadline, I have to get the last word in” submission – 9/13/2013

OOR adjustment of deadlines and request for DA to produce index – 9/19/2013

Bagwell final arguments – 9/30/2013

DA’s refusal to provide index and reiteration of stuff it already said a few times – 9/30/2013

OOR final determination and order to release the records – 11/4/2013

DA petition for reconsideration – 11/6/2013

OOR Petition for reconsideration denied – 11/8/2013


Bagwell v. Dept. of Education

The Commonwealth Court remanded this case to the Office of Open Records for further consideration on July 19, 2013. It paved the way for other information requests to proceed.

Initial Request for information to the Department of Education – 6/28/12

Letter of Appeal to the Office of Open Records – 8/6/2012

OOR Final Determination in Bagwell v. Department of Education – 9/13/2012

Petition for Review in Commonwealth Court – 10/11/2012

Petitioner’s brief – 1/30/13

Department of Education’s brief – 3/28/13

Oral arguments – Commonwealth Court, Harrisburg, Pa. – held 6/19/13. Click to watch online (starts at 84:37)

Order that the secretary of education’s Penn State records are public, and remand to OOR for further consideration – 7/19/13